(This document was last updated on November 25, 2019)


We are a really small group. My name is Lahiru Dilshan. I'm from Sri Lanka. All the content on this site uploading by me. The others are my team and they collect information for me. So I decided to create this site to show you the beauty of nature and teach you about rare plants. There are many plants uploaded from Sri Lanka. In fact in the future I will publishing about more rare plants all over the world. I do something like freelancer service to get information on rare and beautiful plants all over the world.

Here is my team

  • Lahiru Dilshan (Admin) = (From Sri Lanka).
  • Kelly Kathleen (Admin) = (From United States).
  • Amith Darshana (Partner) = (From Sri Lanka).
  • Roshan Amila (Partner) = (From Sri Lanka).
  • Sadun Dianes (Partner) = (From Sri Lanka).
  • Kasun Dilipa (Partner) = (From Sri Lanka).
  • Richerd Matt (F-Partner) = (From Philippine).
  • Smith Scott (F-Partner) = (From Australia).
  • Mavin Alim (F-Partner) = (From Australia).
  • John Stave (F-Partner) = (From Canada).
  • Michael Mark (F-Partner) = (United States).

Most (F) partners (Freelancers) are increasing day by day. However I included names about mainly supporters to build up the website.