5 Must Know Facts About Growing Leafy Vegetables!


So, You Want Your Own Lettuces?


Well, strictly speaking....your own leafy vegetables. Maybe you have tried to grow them in the past, but have failed. Or, maybe your new health kick means that you need large amounts of greens, but you are on a budget. Don't fret, allow us to show you 5 essential facts to successfully growing your own health!

How Long Do They Take To Grow?

Let's be frank. Nothing will grow in a couple of days, you are going to need to be patient. However, the good thing about growing leafy vegetables is that they only take 2-3 months! This is great news. In my job as a window cleaner in Sydney, Australia, I don't have time to be a full time gardener, so short life-cycle span crops such as lettuces suit me to a tee!

How Much Sunlight Do They Need?

As mentioned, living in Sydney means that leafy vegetables will grow here in full sunlight, or partial shade. If you are living in a cool temperate region, such as London or North America, the lower angle of the sun means that you may well tend towards growing in direct sunlight. However, in neither area is full shade recommended if you want to grow your crop successfully.

How Much Spacing Should They Have?

Now, you might think that a spacing guide of 15-45 centimetres is a little vague. But, you need to keep in mind that not all leafy vegetables are created equal. Some are larger...and some are smaller. Whilst a guide of 15-45 centimetres is the outer boundaries of what spacing you'll need, adjust within those boundaries dependent on the size of the plant that you are trying to grow.

What Should I Grow Them With?

For some reason, leafy vegetables are best grown with root vegetables. Whilst this might seem a less precise guide, thnk of this: you can grow you favourite turnip, carrot, or other of this type whilst growing the greens that will improve your health! The combinations you can achieve are quite extensive, and you'll grow two crops in an area where you were only planning to grow one.

Enemies Of Your Crop?

Keep your eye out for snails. It's strange, but we are not the only onles who know that leafy vegetables are good for us. Snails(and slugs) know this too. However, if you have ever had your lettuces munched by a snail, only to discover that the culprit has fled the scene, fear not! You can rid the area of them without pouring tons of chemicals into the soil. Simply, Pour some coffee around your plants(not sure what this says about our coffee intake!), and you should drive these nasty critters away!

In Summary

Here are 5 ways to successfully grow leafy vegetables. They are fun to grow, healthy to eat, and ready in no time!

Happy Growing!!

5 must know facts about growing leafy vegetables